Dororo by Tezuka Osamu

dororoWho has not heard of Dororo, I ask? If you have not, then you have been living underneath a rock. It was written back in the 60s by the Father of Japanese Anime Osamu Tezuka. Dororo is about a little boy thief.

The story starts off with a warlord making a deal with the demon by selling his first born child’s body parts in order for him to win the war. As the story progresses, Dororo ends up meeting Hyakkimaru, a lone warrior through his travels. As you can see Hyakkimaru is not an ordinary warrior, he is the little boy who’s father sold 26 of his body parts to the demon years ago.

Through their travels, they will run into different entities, good and bad. The battles is going to be tough but can they survive the fight?

Will Hyakkimaru finally recover and find what he is looking for and as for Dororo, will he finally find his happiness or accept his fate?

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Drawn to Manga April 2015

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Dororo: Omnibus Edition

Dororo: Omnibus Edition
Tezuka, Osamu
2012-03 – Vertical
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Set in Japan’s warring states era, this classic manga tale follows the tragic fortunes of a disabled and disfigured youth named Hyakkimaru. At an early age Hyakkimaru’s father offered forty eight of the child’s body parts to a cadre of demons in return for power and fortune. Now the blind, mute boy embarks on a quest to reclaim what will make him whole again. Slaying a never-ending series of demonic beasts and ghouls, Hyakkimaru, accompanied by a young thief named Dororo, crosses the country only to find that humanity may be the true monsters they fear.


Onward Towards our Noble Deaths

Onward Towards Our Noble Deaths
Mizuki, Shigeru
Translator: Allen, Jocelyne
2011-04 – Drawn & Quarterly
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“[A] semi-autobiographical account of the desperate final weeks of a Japanese infantry unit at the end of World War Two. The soldiers are instructed that they must go into battle and die for the honor of their country, with certain Continue reading

If you like x, try y!

Okay, this is weird. I bookmark interesting articles so I can read/write about them later, like ComicMix’s NYCC 2009: Anime for Comics Fans, Comics for Anime Fans.

At the New York Comic Con, there was a panel which talked about how comic book fans usually aren’t manga fans and vice versa — then they offered some read-alike suggestions because why can’t we all just get along?

But ComicMix has pulled the post (or something) so the only thing left is the Google cache I linked to above.

So yes, if you like Bleach, then you should try Invincible and Hellsing fans should check out 30 Days of Night and Full Metal Alchemist fans should give Runaways a chance.

But why was the article removed? Was it because it mentioned Disney might have stolen The Lion King from Osamu Tezuka’s Kimba the White Lion?

So curious!