Drawn to Comics October 2015

This month we are featuring some wonderful books from our Spanish Graphic Novels collection.

Mataría por ella

Mataria Por Ella = A Dame to Kill for
By Miller, Frank
Translator Navarro, Francisco Perez

2006-11 – Public Square Books

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NOW A MAJOR MOTION PICTURE! ESPANOL: La historia de Dwight McCarthy, un fot?grafo de vida decente que intenta evitar problemas porque sabe de qu? es capaz. Sus t?cticas no le hacen mucho bien cuando una chica de su pasado reaparece para profesarle su amor. Cuando se da cuenta de que ell a est? muy por encima de ?l, se da cuenta de que los problemas han llegado a ?l. ***ENGLISH: The story of Dwight McCarthy, a clean-living photographer who tries to avoid trouble because he knows what he’s capable of. His tactics don’t do him much good when a girl from his past shows up and professes her love for him. When he finds out she’s in way over her head, it looks as though trouble has found him.


Lejos de Boneville

Lejos de Boneville = Out from Boneville
By Smith, Jeff
Illustrator Hamaker, Steve
2007-03 – Public Square Books

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After being tossed out of Boneville for cheating the citizens, three cousins find themselves mysteriously trapped in a wondrous but often Continue reading

Drawn to Comics June 2015


June 18th is officially Superman’s birthday (also marked as the day he was adopted by Jonathan and Martha Kent)! Learn more Superman trivia from Newsarama.com’s article
“Superman Secrets: 10 Things You Maybe Didn’t Know” by Alan Kistler.

Check out the following titles and more at your library!

DC Friends Happy Birthday Superman

Happy Birthday, Superman!
By Fisch, Sholly
Illustrator Bone, J.
2014-07 – Stone Arch Books
The Super Friends get together for a party celebrating DC’s first and greatest super hero. But LEXLUTHOR wants to wish SUPERMAN an entirely different kind of day.

Superman The Power Within

Superman: The Power Within
By Stern, Roger
Illustrator Swan, Curt
2015-01 – DC Comics
When Superman saves an innocent man from murder, he discovers two disturbing facts: That the man he saved is part of a cult that worships the Man of Steel, and that the would-be killer is part of another faction dedicated to wiping them out Even worse, Continue reading

Drawn to Comics April 2015

Check out the graphic novels that inspired your favorite movies! April’s Drawn to Comics features gritty, brutal graphic novels that inspired award-winning feature films.

V for Vendeta

V for Vendetta
By Moore, Alan
Illustrator Lloyd, David
2008-10 – Vertigo
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A powerful story about loss of freedom and individuality, V FOR VENDETTA takes place in a totalitarian England following a devastating war that changed the face of the planet.
In a world without political freedom, personal freedom and precious little faith in anything comes a mysterious man in a white porcelain mask who fights political oppressors through terrorism and seemingly absurd acts. It’s a gripping tale of the blurred lines between ideological good and evil. This new trade paperback edition features the improved production values and coloring from the 2005 hardcover.

Check out the movie inspired by the graphic novel!


Ghost World

Ghost World
By Clowes, Dan
Designed by Grano, Adam
2008-10 – Fantagraphics Books
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Ghost World is the story of Becky and Enid, two teenaged girls and best friends facing the prospect of not only growing up, but growing apart from each other. Clowes paints a tender picture of this intellectually precocious, sexually adventurous (despite a mutual lack of experience), and formative period in their lives, filtered through a blue hue echoing a world lit by the cathode rays of a television a perfect metaphor for their post-nuclear existence. Both naturalistic and nostalgic, Ghost World carves a layered narrative out of the daily existence of these fully-realized young women. Ghost World: The Special Edition included the original, 80-page graphic novel; the out-of-print, Oscar-nominated 106-page screenplay; the little-seen comic strip created for the Ghost World soundtrack; and over Continue reading

Spooky Graphic Novels for Halloween

Greetings Boils and Ghouls!  Your Friendly Neighborhood Library is celebrating Halloween with a list of spooky graphic novels.  This year, why not ditch the movie marathon and check out these titles from the Palm Beach County Library System?  Whatever your plans are for this evening, remember to have fun and be safe.



Batman: Long Halloween by Jeph Loeb & Tim Sale
This classic Batman tale focuses on the early days of the Dark Knight as he attempts to stop a serial killer named Holiday.  The renowned team of Jeph Loeb and Tim Sale deliver one of the best Batman stories in history: a must read for any Batman fan.





fromhellFrom Hell by Alan Moore & Eddie Campbell
Comic book icon Alan Moore’s From Hell is a study of Jack the Ripper.  The story examines many different aspects of one of history’s most notorious characters, and instantly galvanized the comic industry.





hellboyHellboy by Mike Mignola
The Hellboy series follows the exploits of the eponymous character and his team as they investigate the supernatural.  The catch here is that Hellboy and his team are themselves supernatural beings.  The books blend folklore, comedy, suspense, and great art to create one of the best series in comics.





Marvel Zombies by Robert Kirkman & Sean Phillips
The Walking Dead’s Robert Kirkman turns the Marvel superheroes into zombies.  ‘Nuff Said.






gl blackest nightGreen Lantern: Blackest Night by Geoff Johns & Ivan Reis
This multi-volume series focuses on the Green Lantern Corps’ battle with the Black Corps, a group of undead superheroes and villains.






30 days of night30 Days of Night by Steve Niles & Ben Templesmith
In the sleepy town of Barrow, Alaska, the sun sets for 30 consecutive days.  A group of vampires discover this and descend on the town in a frenzy.  30 Days of Night is one of the most innovative horror stories in recent memory, and the amazing artwork only adds to the horror.





walking deadWalking Dead by Robert Kirkman & Various Artists
This is where it all started: Robert Kirkman’s The Walking Dead was a runaway hit from the moment it was released, and is now one of the most recognizable franchises in America.  Kirkman is without a doubt this generation’s George A. Romero; if you’re a horror fan, you owe it to yourself to read these books.





sandmanSandman by Neil Gaiman & Various Artists
Neil Gaiman’s Sandman series is without equal.  The books blend elements of mythology, suspense, and horror to create a comic series unlike any before or after it.  A true classic in the medium, and a perfect choice for Halloween.





the crowThe Crow by James O’Barr
James O’Barr’s The Crow is the tragic story of a man who is brought back from the dead to seek revenge on the men that killed him and his fiancée.  This underground hit has produced several movies, a television show, and numerous comic book sequels, but nothing compares to the original.