ToshokanComix is a manga/graphic novel themed blog from the amazing library staff at the Palm Beach County Library System — but the conversation is open to everyone.

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Jessica is a Research Librarian at the West Boca Branch Library. She enjoys superhero comics (Batman, X-men, and all the other -mans), Science Fiction and Fantasy genres, and Mysteries as well as cutsey-wootsy manga like Fruits Basket. She also enjoys fantasy-adventure video games (ie. Dragon Age) and tabletop games (ie. MTG and Heroclix).
Josh is a Librarian at the Main Library. He loves all things comics, but leans more towards Indie and Small Press books. That said, he could talk for days about his love of Spider-Man. When he’s not reading comics, Josh is desperately trying to keep up with his DVR or playing video games.
JP is a Membership Specialist at the West Boca Branch. He enjoys reading manga comics and mostly comics released by Image. He also reads comics from DC and Marvel. His specialty is mostly on supernatural/horror themed comics. When not reading comics, he is occupied with playing video games (of course mostly horror themed ones); but his specialty is Adventure type/RPG games and Magic: the Gathering.

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