Through the Woods by Emily Carroll

Through the Woods
Through the Woods” by Emily Carroll is a horror genre graphic novel with five short stories.

These are reminiscent of those “5 minute horror stories” that were popular in the 90s. Some of the aspects of the stories will seem familiar: two brothers hunting, one is left to die in the woods; a thin man-esque character; a haunted house with a vengeful ghost.

These stories aren’t particularly gory but provide just enough creepiness to unsettle the reader. They cut off just at the climax, typically, leaving you with a “what-if”, Twilight Zone type ending. We never do

find out what the man in the cabin wants or what happens to the untrustworthy husband. We only see the juicy bits that leave our imaginations reeling.

The art in this collection is very comic/cartoony which in some instances takes me out of the horror and in others intensifies it. This is likely a result of marketing towards a teen demographic. The framing of the panels is genius and adds intensity to the scenes, especially the close-ups of all the mouths.

ALL THE MOUTHS. O.O Who knew mouths could be SO creepy?

I definitely recommend “Through the Woods” to teens and adults for a delightful afternoon of chills. Pick up a copy at your local library!

Recommended age 14+, for the young creepers.


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