NYT Top 10 Graphic Books Best Sellers 10/25: GN Hardcovers

New York Times hardcover graphic novel best sellers from 10/25. The titles link to books in the PBCLS catalog. Check ’em out!

1 THE WALKING DEAD, BOOK 12, by Robert Kirkman and Charlie Adlard. (Image Comics) No spoilers here, but in this world overrun by zombies, Rick and his pack of survivors find that their fellow humans may be the bigger menace. Other books from the series.

2 KILLING AND DYING, by Adrian Tomine. (Drawn & Quarterly) A series of interconnected short stories chronicle mortality, identity and family dynamics in this portrait of contemporary life.

BATMAN: THE KILLING JOKE, by Alan Moore and Brian Bolland. (DC Comics) This critically acclaimed story from 1988 offers a possible origin for the Joker.

4 STEP ASIDE, POPS, by Kate Beaton. (Drawn & Quarterly) The latest collection of the “Hark! A Vagrant” strip takes satirical aim at army generals, scientists and superheroes.

5 BATMAN, VOL. 7, by Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo. (DC Comics) The citizens of Gotham and even the Justice League fall under the sway of a new toxin created by the Joker. Other books in the series.

6 CAN’T WE TALK ABOUT SOMETHING MORE PLEASANT?, by Roz Chast. (Bloomsbury) In this memoir, the cartoonist examines her parents from their early days to their last moments.

7 THE JOKER: ENDGAME, by Various. (DC Comics) Batgirl, the students at Gotham Academy and the villains at Arkham Manor are all ensnared in the Joker’s latest scheme.

8 THE BEST AMERICAN COMICS 2015, by Various. (Houghton Mifflin Harcourt) This collection, edited by Jonathan Lethem, showcases the last year in comics and features contributions from Roz Chast, Ed Piskor and others.

9 DEEP DARK FEARS, by Fran Krause. (Ten Speed Press) This collection features new strips and old favorites of the web comic, which is based on both the author’s fears and those submitted by online readers.

10 FREE COUNTRY: A TALE OF THE CHILDREN’S CRUSADE, by Neil Gaiman and others. (DC Comics) The Dead Boy Detectives investigate a small English town where several children have disappeared.


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