Naja by Jean David Morvan

Naja is the perfect killer – because she feels nothing. Literally. Her body registers no pain, nor does her heart, coldly executing jobs given to her by her mysterious boss, known only as “Zero.” When another killer in Zero’s organization targets Naja for elimination, she has no choice but to fall off the grid and seek answers, as bloody as they might be. Written by international creative powerhouse JD Morvan (Sillage, Zaya) and illustrated by French sensation Bengal (Meka, Luminae), this volume collects the entire five-book Naja series into a single, lavish album.

We don’t know much about Naja in issue 1, except that she works for someone called Zero as his #3 assassin and that she feels no physical pain. This seems to troubles her to the point were she appears to seek out as much pain as possible. We jump into Naja’s story as she arrives at a

party to make a hit. This first scene showcases her agility and skill as an assassin (I’d hate to see what the #1 assassin is like!). Naja narrates her exit plan – Zero has everything covered from a change of clothes in the escape taxi to a private jet to farfaraway.

The next morning an unknown man comes to Naja and discloses a plot (by the #1 assassin) to eliminate her, she must go “off grid” while she investigates who is after her and whether Zero is involved.

Naja is well paced and Morvan packs a lot into each chapter. Bengal’s smooth, anime-esque art style balances the grittiness of the action and violence in the story. Naja earns her “M for mature” rating for brief nudity, violence, and mild profanity. She’s quite the woman. Check out Naja and let me know what you think about her.


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