Hinterkind vol. 1: The Waking World

Hinterkind: The Waking World

Vertigo’s Hinterkind volume 1 by Ian Edgington and Francesco Trifogli follows a pair of young adults in post-apocalyptic Manhattan.

The catch? The fae of lore have returned to take back the earth that was once theirs, millennia ago. Now, Prosper and Angus must save their makeshift town from being overrun by trolls, ogres, and various other monsters who want to gather all of humanity for a reckoning among the Sidhe, who we know as elves (think Lord of the Rings, not Harry Potter). If they don’t eat them first.

Volume 1 gives a good overview of the U.S. as it stands after a plague wipes out the majority of the world’s human population. It’s been “decades” since the settlers of Manhattan have left the island, but a lack of radio contact from a settlement in Albany (presumably the nearest group of survivors) and increasing radio silence from other major cities across the U.S. inspires a scout group to seek answers. Signals have dropped, coincidentally, from the west coast to the east coast. We learn that this is caused by the fae wrangling up humans and bringing them back to their city in California to stand trial for the crimes of humanity against the fae.

Hinterkind brings action and fantasy together with a unique dystopian twist. A lot of freaky things have been happening in the “outside world” since our settlers settled down (spoiler free zone) and you’ll get to see a bunch of it in volume 1, The Waking World. Pick up a copy at your local library!


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