Drawn to Manga April 2015

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Dororo: Omnibus Edition

Dororo: Omnibus Edition
Tezuka, Osamu
2012-03 – Vertical
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Set in Japan’s warring states era, this classic manga tale follows the tragic fortunes of a disabled and disfigured youth named Hyakkimaru. At an early age Hyakkimaru’s father offered forty eight of the child’s body parts to a cadre of demons in return for power and fortune. Now the blind, mute boy embarks on a quest to reclaim what will make him whole again. Slaying a never-ending series of demonic beasts and ghouls, Hyakkimaru, accompanied by a young thief named Dororo, crosses the country only to find that humanity may be the true monsters they fear.


Onward Towards our Noble Deaths

Onward Towards Our Noble Deaths
Mizuki, Shigeru
Translator: Allen, Jocelyne
2011-04 – Drawn & Quarterly
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“[A] semi-autobiographical account of the desperate final weeks of a Japanese infantry unit at the end of World War Two. The soldiers are instructed that they must go into battle and die for the honor of their country, with certain

execution facing them if they return alive.” –From publisher’s web site.


Lone Wolf and Cub

Lone Wolf & Cub Omnibus, Volume 1
Koike, Kazuo
Illustrator Kojima, Goseki
Translator Lewis, Dana
2013-06 – Dark Horse Comics
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A samurai epic of staggering proportions, the acclaimed Lone Wolf and Cub begins its second life at Dark Horse Manga with new, larger editions of over 700 pages, value priced. The brilliant storytelling of series creator Kazuo Koike and the groundbreaking cinematic visuals of Goseki Kojima create a graphic-fiction masterpiece of beauty, fury, and thematic power.


Princess Knight

Princess Knight, Part 1
Tezuka, Osamu
2011-11 – Vertical
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Osamu Tezuka’s beloved heroine Sapphire, known across the globe as the Princess Knight, returns in a two-volume release by famed manga publisher Vertical. Heavily inspired by Disney in its design and tone and considered by many as the first major shojo (girls) work, it has long been one of Tezuka’s most acclaimed works. Set in a medieval fairytale backdrop, Princess Knight is the tale of a young princess named Sapphire who must pretend to be a male prince so she can inherit the throne. Undiscouraged by sexism, Sapphire fully accepts her role and becomes a dashing heroine.


Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind

Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind: Volume 1
Miyazaki, Hayao
2004-02 – Viz Media
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Nausicaä, a young princess, has an empathic bond with the giant Ohmu insects and animals of every creed. She fights to create tolerance, understanding and patience among empires that are fighting over the world’s remaining precious natural resources.



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