H.P. Lovecraft and the Welcome to Night Vale Podcast

Welcome to Night Vale Welcome to Night Vale is a Lovecraftian inspired creepy (slash funny) podcast about a small town somewhere in (presumably) the desert area of the southwestern United States. It seems supernaturally cutoff from the rest of the world (besides its rival town of Dessert Bluffs). Strange, tentacled creatures run the community radio station where our host Cecil Palmer works and narrates the goings-on of the townspeople. Conspiracies are REAL. Beware the hooded figures. Lock your doors and hunker down with the Faceless Old Woman Who Secretly Lives in Your Home. And, of course, welcome… to Night Vale.

You can listen to Welcome to Night Vale on iTunes or where ever you like to listen to podcasts, but while you do that why not check out some creepy H. P. Lovecraft graphic novels from your local library? Just watch out for those librarians. They can be deadly.


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