Marvel NOW Thor: God of Thunder

Thor God Butcher

The Marvel NOW relaunch of Thor: God of Thunder debuted in October of 2012. Issues 1-5 are collected in volume 1 The God Butcher. The Asgardian god Thor fully embraces his godliness, reveling and battling alongside the peoples of Earth, until he is confronted with a rare and dangerous concern – someone is killing gods.

The God Butcher cuts back and forth between the three ages of Thor (Past, Present, and Future) to tell the complete story of his connection to the God Butcher. For the most part, I can follow the timey-wimeyness of this story very well. There is one section where Past Thor is fighting the God Butcher and Present Day Thor is confronting his God Butcher and every other panel is the next part of the each story. Other than that little headache, the story flowed very well. It’s amusing to see how Thor eventually grows up and basically becomes his father. You see more of this in volume 2, when all three Thors come together to fight against the God Butcher’s reign of terror. The art is incredible (in the same style as the cover) and the story is well worth the read. It also delves into the variety of gods in the universe and even introduces some future gods of Asgard.

Summary after the jump. :::SPOILERS AHEAD:::

In the Marvel NOW version of Thor, we get to enjoy seeing him as a god of Earth rather than Prince of Asgard. He is reveling with the ancient Icelandic peoples (893 A.D.) when they discover the head of a god has washed ashore. Thor leaves to investigate who could kill a god and how (and why??). He is attacked by a creature called the God Butcher, boasting of killing other gods and one day eradicating the pantheon of Asgard. Thor is almost bested when-

Thor lightning

Ya know, god of thunder, and all that…

Cut to Present Day Thor who has followed clues across the universe to find that gods from other planets have also been butchered. As he is pondering the remains of these old gods, Thor is attacked by beasts of darkness. He makes the connection between these beasts and his old foe and makes a vow to destroy the God Butcher once and for all.

Future Thor, King of Asgard, is alone in his kingdom fighting off hundreds of shadow beasts when Present Day Thor portals to Asgard.  King Thor explains that the God Butcher has killed or taken all the Asgardians and has left these beasts in Asgard for 900 years.


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