March: Featuring programs for kids and teens.

Lately, it seems the Minecraft phenomenon is sweeping our library system. This month, the Acreage and West Boca branches are hosting exciting programs.

Acreage Branch
Thu, Mar 20, 11:00 am
Making Minecraft
Join Steve as we build our own real life versions of Minecraft favorites like torches, pigs, nethergates, and even the horrible Creeper. Then see who can build the strongest fortress as we attack each other with catapults. Ages 6-16. (90 min.) Preregister.

West Boca Branch
Fri, Mar 21, 10:30 am
Minecraft & Your Craft
Gather with other Minecraft enthusiasts. Bring your device and challenge other players or just come for a craft. Ages 7 & up. Space limited. (90 min.) Preregister.

The hit series Divergent, by Veronica Roth, is debuting it’s title feature film in theaters March 21st. Pick up a copy of the first book and join us for festivities and an exciting discussion.

Gardens Branch
Sun, Mar 09, 2:00 pm
Divergent Party!
Celebrate the upcoming release of the movie “Divergent,” based on Veronica Roth’s popular teen series. Ages 12-17. Limit 20. (60 min.)

Hagen Ranch Road Branch
Sat, Mar 15, 2:00 pm
Divergent: One Choice Can Transform You
What faction will you choose? Celebrate the release of the movie with games, trivia, and snacks. Grades 6-12. Limit of 15. (90 min.) Preregister.

West Boca Branch
Sun, Mar 16, 2:30 pm
Divergent: What If You Had to Choose?
“One Choice Can Transform You.” Prepare for the forthcoming movie by discussing the book and eating cake. Grades 6 & up. (45 min.) Preregister.

Glades Road Branch
Tue, Mar 25, 6:00 pm
Divergent Party!
What faction are you? Explore the Divergent world, including a Dauntless challenge. Snacks provided. Grades 6 & up. (60 min.) Preregister.

Jupiter Branch
Fri, Mar 28, 4:00 pm
Divergent Movie VIP After-Party
Celebrate the release of the film of Veronica Roth’s popular YA novel “Divergent.” Walk the red carpet and join us for snacks, crafts, and trivia. Ages 12-17. (60 min.) Preregister.

Other Amazing Programs:

Tue, Mar 25, 6:30 pm
Club Pokémon
Bring your 3DS, DSi, or Pokémon cards to battle, trade, and make new friends. Ages 6-12. (90 min.) Preregister.

Wed, Mar 05, 6:30 pm
Japanese Anime & Culture Club
Hang out, watch Anime, and eat snacks while you talk with friends and fellow fans about all the coolest stuff from Japan. Ages 12-17. (90 min.) Preregister.

Wed, Mar 19, 6:00 pm
Gamerz Nite
Join a game of Yu-Gi-Oh!, play Smash Bros. or other Wii games, or try a new board game. Snacks provided. Ages 12-17. (2 hr.) Preregister.

Hagen Ranch Road Branch
Wed, Mar 19, 2:00 pm
It’s a Bird, It’s a Plane … It’s a Superhero Training Camp!
Do you have what it takes to save the world? Test and develop your skills at our training camp, plus enjoy stories, games, and crafts. Ages 4-6. Space limited. Preregister.

Lantana Road Branch
Mon, Mar 17, 2:00 pm
Manga/Anime Club
Do you love to read Manga, watch Anime episodes, and meet other teens who love the same things? Join our monthly club. Ages 12-17. (2 hr.) Preregister.

Tue, Mar 18, 2:30 pm
Make a Comic Book!
Do you enjoy Manga, graphic novels, or comics? Love to draw and create? We’ll create our own comic book pages while looking at and discussing different comic styles. Ages 11-17. (60 min.) Preregister.

Wellington Branch
Wed, Mar 05, 6:00 pm
Pokémon League
Bring your DS or Pokémon cards and get ready to battle, trade, and make new friends. Ages 6-12. Limit 25. (60 min.)

Wed, Mar 12, 6:00 pm
Teen Anime Night
View new Anime titles. Snacks provided. Ages 12-17. Limit 25. (45 min.)

Wed, Mar 19, 6:00 pm
Heart of the Cards
Bring your Yu-Gi-Oh! cards and get ready to battle, trade, and make new friends. Snacks provided. Ages 12 & up. Limit 25. (60 min.)

Check out other library programs at our online Calendar.
Do you know of any other fun and interesting activities in Palm Beach County? Comment and share the news!


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