New 52 Batman: The Dark Knight volume 2

BatmanTDKI just picked up volume 2 of Batman: The Dark Knight at the library and I have to say that I was impressed. Cycle of Violence is definitely the book for fans of Batman’s villain The Scarecrow. The imagery of the Scarecrow is intense and horrifying [from the first page where we see him sewing his lips together to his murder scene dungeon. D: ] Beside his usual methodical psychosis, we are also shown an empathetic side of The Scarecrow. Although it does seem to come out of nowheresville, it is nice to see a dynamic characterization of our favorite villains in the New 52 universe. David Finch’s storytelling flows wonderfully throughout the book/issues. Overall, the art is average “comic booky” art, but Hurwitz does a fabulous job bringing the characters to life, especially with his grotesque depiction of The Scarecrow.

After a series of child kidnappings, Batman tracks The Scarecrow to his secret base where he succumbs to The Scarecrow’s fear toxin. How does Batman escape his own mind? Will he save Gotham from The Scarecrows new super toxin?

Grab a copy of book 2 and find out!

*Volume 2 includes issue 10-15 and the #0 issue, which tells of young Bruce's beginnings as a detective and how he tracked down his parents' murderer.


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