Morning Glories

Morning GloriesI’d like to introduce you to a fabulous romp from Image Comics called Morning Glories brought to you by the minds and pens of Nick Spencer and Joe Eisma. PBCLS actually owns all four trades of the series and there are only two more issues (26 and 27, I believe) out on the shelves. So now is the PERFECT time to start this series. My comic book friends described it to me as The X-Men meets Lost, and I HAD to check it out immediately. It has been one of the best decisions I’ve made this year.

The story follows a group of teenagers who are specially chosen to attend a private academy. They are immediately “tested” for their “special gifts” via death traps. Without giving too much away, this series includes time travel, betrayal, and shocking twists.

Side note: Spencer also writes Bedlam, a new comic series debuted this year about an ex-murderer who has undergone nontraditional psychological treatment and now helps the police solve other violent crimes. It’s not out in trade, yet, but keep your eyes peeled.

Disclaimer: Due to the situational content and language in this series, I would recommend it for older teens and adults.

FYI: The Deluxe Collection (pictured below) includes books one and two. So be aware of that when you are putting the books on hold.
MG Deluxe (*Those are all nice looking kids, right? See that crazy lady in the top right corner with the syringe? Watch out for her – SHE’S CRAZY!)


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