Green Lantern: New 52 Prelude

Sinestro Corps War vol 1I have recently gotten caught up on DC’s New 52 Green Lantern, which is really a continuation of the War of the Green Lanterns story arc.  I jumped into the GL series with Sinestro Corps War volumes 1 and 2. Although those books kind of drop you into the middle of things in the GL Universe, they do a good enough job of filling you in so that you could start from there. I was immediately hooked and needed to read the rest.

The greatest appeal to Green Lantern, for me, is the lack of “grittiness”. GL is not “dark” in the same way that Batman is “dark”. Even though the GLU has been updated to current times, it still holds the same 1950’s comics feeling in that the worst language from the series includes “son of a b—-” and “jacka–“. I realise this is less than wholesome for some, but since industry standards have changed to include the acceptance of nudity, violence, and harsh language, I feel that some series tend to take it to the extreme. I found it refreshing to find a series that still tries to remain family-friendly.

What do you think about Green Lantern?


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