Comic Convention Provides Exposure for a Library and Its Collection

From Library Journal, Sep 27, 2011

The people attending PalmCon: The Palm Beach County Comics Book and Collectibles Show held in Greenacres, FL, on September 17 had a chance to connect with the Palm Beach County Library.

The convention organizers had offered the library a free booth at the convention, and staff saw it as an excellent opportunity to expose the library’s collection to an audience that might not be aware of everything the library had to offer (such as ebooks).

“We were there to promote the library and give out information of what we provide, particularly our graphic novels, manga, and our anime club,” said Kelly Handy, a library associate, who was one of seven staff members who handled booth duties at the convention and circulated among the crowd of about 500 attendees.

Read more: Comic Convention Provides Exposure for a Library and Its Collection.

See our pics: PalmCon 2011



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