Star Wars: Invasion v1: Refugees

The Yuuzhan Vong invasion (25 after the Battle of Yavin) was the focus of the New Jedi Order series of books, starting with Vector Prime in 1999. This new comic book series, I assume, will tell the untold stories of the invasion. And, like most Star Wars fill-ins, features an extremely important character you’ve never heard of.

Finn Galfridian of Artorias is saved by the New Republic when his homeworld is taken by the Vong. Leading the rescue mission is Luke Skywalker, who detects Finn’s connection to the Force. Luke begins training Finn, alongside the Solo children, but the question is: will Finn’s anger towards the Vong lead to his undoing?

Running parallel to this, Kaye Galfridian is trapped in a slave ship with the rest of Artorias’s survivors. There she ingratiates herself with the Vong captain — but what are her true motives?

Dark Horse has found an interesting way to revisit a decade old storyline. It helps that the Vong are like fanboy-designed badasses and major franchise characters are used judiciously. Really good art too — I especially loved the detail in the Nar Shaddaa panels.

Put a hold on Star Wars: Invasion.


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