Zatanna: Mistress of Magic

Zatanna: Mistress of Magic coverAs promised, I’m reviewing Zatanna: Mistress of Magic, finally! I have long been a huge Zatanna fan. She is one of my favorite characters to cosplay, and next to Harley Quinn, she is one of my favorite characters in the DCU. Her first appearance in DC Comics was in 1964 in Hawkman. Since then, she’s been involved in the stories of several DC heroes, and has helped out the Justice League on multiple occasions.  (I am more familiar with her from her relationship to Batman, of course) She’s never had her own series until last year when Paul Dini (the creator of Harley Quinn and even more of a fan of Zatanna than me) started working on one.  In April, we got issues 1-6 in the graphic novel titled Zatanna: Mistress of Magic.

In her new series, Zatanna faces new villains such as the mystical crime lord, Brother Night, who is trying to extend his influence into the mundane world and the demon Fuseli that he employs to keep Zatanna trapped in a nightmare. She even faces down creatures from hell itself.  My favorite parts were seeing Zatanna in a wedding dress and seeing her turn girls who think she is a cocktail waitress into doves. There’s also a visit from her cousin, Zachary Zatara who has also appeared in Teen Titans and Superman.

By far, my favorite storyline was the arc surrounding Brother Night. I hope we get to see more of him. He was super creepy. Also in that story, the character of Detective Dale Colton is introduced. His investigations into Brother Night are his first foray into the realm of magic. I’d like to see him again too (and see if something develops between him and Zatanna). We won’t know until October when she returns in Zatanna: Shades of Past. I can’t wait!


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