Tribes: The Dog Years

A nanotech virus has decimated the planet, capping the lifespan of humans at 21 years. 200 years later, children live in tribes and have created their own mythology to explain the world around them. In the Sky Shadow tribe, Rockjumper is about to become leader and he intends to take Fallingstar as his bride, but she has feelings for Sundog.

As the tension increases, Sundog discovers an ancient one, the elder Doctor Adams.  Doctor Adams has come from his oceanic lab to inform the tribes about a cure – about a way they can live long enough to see their children’s children. Rockjumper, however, doesn’t believe his claims and orders his death. Will Sundog and Fallingstar side with their tribe, or will a chance at a better life lead them to reject their traditions?

Tribes: The Dog Years is the first volume in a new series from IDW Publishing. Written by Michael Geszel and Peter Spinetta, with art by Inaki Miranda and color by Eva de la Cruz, Tribes reads like a cross between Mad Max and Lord of the Flies, but unlike most post-apocalyptic settings, the world is lush and populated, Unfortunately a lot of the population are feral children in the Headhunter tribe who provide most of the thrills in this entry. We also get glimpses of other tribes, including one which almost steampunk.  Tribes is a good read and has incredible pacing.  

If you saw any ads for Tribes, you may have seen it referred to as a widescreen comic which describes Tribes’s landscape-style layout.   However, the extra width is only occasionally given over to full-page spreads.  Mostly it’s packed with detailed panels, where you can study the Sky Shadow’s makeshift armor or count the pointed teeth in the mouths of approaching Headhunters. There are some great touches like the wreck of a plane which looks like the skeleton of some ancient beast or the frenetic fight scenes which almost feel animated.

While only the first entry, there’s enough here to satisfy readers and some great world-building which should appeal to post-apocalyptic fans interested in a variation on that reliable theme.

Check out Tribes: The Dog Years.


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