5 Things You Don’t Know About Iron Man

1. He loves his Twinkies.
Blame Iron Man and every other comic book character for Comic Book Guy’s girth. Starting in the 1970s, Hostess launched a series of ads featuring superheroes (and villains) shilling for their popular pastries. Invariably the snacks were used to thwart crime, like this panel pulled from Iron Man in A Dull Pain where he goes up against Monotony Man. See more Hostess Ads lovinging collected by Tomorrow’s Heroes.

2. He sounds like Animal House’s Dean Wormer.
Iron Man made his first animated appearance in 1966’s “The Marvel Super Heroes” cartoon series. Voiced by future Animal House antagonist John Vernon (who also did Sub-Mariner), Iron Man appeared on the Wednesday episodes of the five nights a week show. Being extremely low budget, this series was created by photocopying art from comic books and then adding small amounts of animation.

3. He’s heavy, too.
Wolverine’s adamantium-laced skeleton puts him around the 300-lb mark, making him a lightweight compared to a 425-lb fully suited Iron Man. Of course, the question is which suit? Iron Man’s suits have more powers than Superman and cover more emergency situations than Batman’s utility belt. He has Hydro Armor, Arctic Armor, Outer Atmospheric Armor and two types of Hulkbuster Armor just to name a few. And that doesn’t even count weird stuff like the Extremis Armor.

4. He’s richer than Batman.
Every year Forbes Magazine releases their Fictional 15, a list of the richest non-existing people. Bruce Wayne comes in at #7 with a paltry $6.5 billion – peanuts compared to Tony Stark (#4) at $8.8 billion. Forbes was especially impressed with Tony Stark’s handling of Congress noting that “shares of Stark Industries stock up over 20%” after Stark refused to turn over the Iron Man technology. Of course he has a way to go before taking the #1 spot from Twilight’s Carlisle Cullen, who’s sitting on $34.1 billion.

5. He’s a zombie.
If you jump over to Iron Man’s Marvel Universe Character Bio, you’ll see that he’s categorized under “People who used to be dead but aren’t anymore.” Yes, everyone in the Marvel Universe could fit into that category, but Stark earns this repeatedly through faked deaths, paralysis, comas, brain death and more. Thankfully his medical team includes Dr. Strange and Thor. Of course, Iron Man is also a full-fledged Marvel Zombie, if you’re looking for more traditional undead.

Click for more Iron Man comics owned by the Palm Beach County Library System.



  1. Wow. I didn’t realize that he was a zombie! Or that we had Marvel Zombies comics! I am going to check some of those out and pass them on to my Marvel fan. ;) Also, checked out the Forbes article. Carlisle Cullen is the richest fictional man?! Really?

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