It Takes a Wizard

It Takes a WizardThe Island of Manhattan is a magical wasteland. The government holds the line around the “Magic Kingdom,” shooting down dragons and other monsters that get too close to the mainland. It’s a dangerous situation worsened when the daughter of New Jersey’s governor goes missing.

Fearing that she’s been abducted by Winterthorn, ruler of Manhattan, the governor authorizes an audacious rescue attempt – pulling Winterthorn’s apprentice off Death Row and sending him into the twisted Manhattan he helped create. For Isaac Silverberg, it’s a way to get his life back while atoning for a mistake which claimed the lives of 200,000 people. But Silverberg realizes he’s on a suicide mission.

It Takes a Wizard is an OEM written by Thomas R. Hart and illustrated by Sean Lam. If I had to be critical, I’d probably say that I liked the setting more than the characters. Silverberg stays standoffish throughout the book, but Hope (a human girl who lives in an abandoned church) and her Spam-obsessed imp gives the reader someone to latch on to. And I loved the endless parade of monsters (from traditional goblins to more innovative combinations of teeth and scales)!


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