Fell: Feral City

Fell: Feral City CoverOn the other side of the bridge is Snowtown, a blighted urban area whose superstitious residents mark their territory with the Snowtown tag: “You put it up, you belong to Snowtown. If Snowtown knows who you are, it won’t come and get you.”

And who comes to get you? Most notable among the cast of villainous characters is a Richard Nixon masked nun seen buying a gun and handing out a knife. But Tricky Dick isn’t responsible for filling the Coroner’s Lair. Causes of death range from alcohol poisoning to attacks by packs of feral dogs. “I could learn to hate this town,” says Detective Richard Fell.

Transferred to Snowtown’s police force, Fell is one of three and a half detectives assigned to cover the entire city. Reading like a police procedural set in Silent Hill, Fell follows the detective’s cases – shocking crimes brutally resolved. But what sets this apart from other grim and gritty graphic novels is the fact Fell cares, “This is where I live now. None of you are nothing to me.”

Fell: Feral City collects issues 1-8 of the Image Comics series. Story by Warren Ellis. Art by Ben Templesmith.


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