CoverLong time no see, manga fans!  I promised you a review of MeruPuri by Matsuri Hino, and here it is.

MeruPuri is the newest title released by Matsuri Hino  (of Vampire Knight and Wanted fame and a personal favorite). It’s the story of Airi, who believes that she will find her soul mate and lead a simple life like those she watches in Tales of Marriage on the Prairie, her favorite TV drama.  Enter Aram, a prince from the magical land of Astale, who is cursed to age when left in the dark.

Airi discovers the curse when the prince uses her mirror as a magical gateway to our world. The only thing that can return Aram to his true age is the kiss of his chosen maiden, and he’s chosen Airi. Airi’s promised to save her kisses for her soul mate. Wil she be able to break the curse?

MeruPuri is full of cute and funny moments, and the art style is very similar to that of Vampire Knight. Matsuri Hino always puts her characters into beautiful and elaborate costumes. The story takes a bit of a darker turn when Aram’s brother shows up and makes a play for Airi, and I liked that. If you are a fan of Matsuri Hino, check out MeruPuri, but if this is your first exposure to her work, check out Vampire Knight first.


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