HeathentownStudying overseas, Anna Romano witnesses the brutal murder of her best friend Kit. Anna travels to Florida for the funeral, but upon returning to the cemetery at night she sees Kit walking through the graveyard. Kit vanishes into the surrounding swamp leading Anna to exhume the coffin to determine if her friend is truly dead.

Heathentown is a solid horror title amplified by the fact that it’s set in our backyard. Bechko invokes the discomfort of being an outsider in a small town while blending in Florida’s history and legends creating something which reads like a new genre: FL-horror, maybe?

The horror is realized by Hardman’s artwork. It feels like something is lurking in every panel, especially when the story moves to the Everglades. There the swamp is stifling and every shadow takes on a sinister shape.


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  1. Hi Suzanne, Yo1&782u#;re right, I should have mentioned the black box warning. I suppose it feels like such common knowledge in my mind, my fingers just overlooked it. That’s no excuse, however.I will add an addendum to the article that mentions it.- Natasha

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