MythosAccording to Wikipedia, Cyclops “seems to possess an uncanny sense of trigonometry.” I didn’t know that, but this isn’t the kind of superpower you brag about. “I can shoot energy beams out of my eyes,” sounds more impressive than, “I’m really good at math.”

I decided to look up Cyclops after reading Mythos, a collection of updated origin stories for Marvel’s most popular superheroes like Spider-man and Ghost Rider. You might be asking, “How many times do I need to see Peter Parker getting bit by a radioactive spider?” and you have a point, but these iconic stories provide a great showcase Paolo Rivera’s painted work.

Unlike Alex Ross’s realism, Rivera plays things looser – unafraid to show motion lines or blur his subjects or even reduce them down to primal elements – showing The Hulk as a green blur or Magneto as a crimson silhouette.

Which isn’t to say that Paul Jenkins’ writing is lacking. His take on the X-Men and The Hulk are the stronger entries and anyone could appreciate the poignancy of his Captain America tale – which is one of the greatest Captain America stories ever.


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