JLA/AvengersWhat I like most about JLA/Avengers is that it shows the differences between the DC and Marvel Universes free from rampant fanboyism which directs most conversations on the matter.

The two universes have collided many times since the 1970s, usually in one-shot deals where two heroes fight each other before uniting against a team of supervillains. But those have always felt like the mildest form of fan service.

DC versus Marvel Comics took the concept a bit further, but JLA/Avengers is less concerned with putting Captain America and Batman on the same page and more focused on showing the fundamental differences between the two publishers.

In the DC Universe, the superheroes are revered. There’s a Flash Museum and Booster Gold appears in ads. In the Marvel Universe, humans are skeptical of their heroes (moreso for mutants). Superman finds a statue honoring Giant-Man and Wasp vandalized.

Most interesting — and probably a factor for people who prefer Marvel over DC (or vice versa) — is the JLA’s observation that the Marvel heroes aren’t as powerful as DC heroes, but they fight harder and the Avengers voicing their concern that the JLA has lost touch with humanity.

So where do you stand on DC vs Marvel?


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