5 Things You Don’t Know About Wolverine

Wolverine1. He’s short.
Wolverine is 5’3″ making him one of Marvel’s shorter superheroes. Based on this, former Monkee Davy Jones would be a better fit to play Wolverine instead of 6’2½” Hugh Jackman.

2. He’s heavy.
That cool unbreakable Adamantium skeleton puts Wolverine around the 300 lb. mark.

3. He was a member of the Fantastic Four.
Wolverine, Ghost Rider, Spider-Man, and the Hulk became the New Fantastic Four for a 3-issue run (FF 347-349) back in 1990. The arc is too complex to explain, but it involved Skrulls, Mole Man, and The Punisher.

4. He fought alongside Captain America in WWII.
Logan, pre-Adamantium and pre-Wolverine, teamed up with Cap to fight ninjas. It’s the first time the two heroes met and they saved the life of a very young Black Widow (UXM 268).

5. He’s met Captain Kirk and Captain Picard.
A 1996 one-shot brings the X-men to Kirk’s Enterprise (where Spock neck pinches Wolverine) and 1998’s Planet X was a novel set in the Next Generation Era (Wolverine hangs out with Worf).

We have many Wolverine and X-men graphic novels in the system. Check them out.


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