Thank you, Technical Services!

I recently had the pleasure of spending a week on a job exchange in our library’s Technical Services department.  This is the side of the library patrons don’t see–a room full of carts and carts of new books with librarians and technicians putting them into our computer catalog, making sure everything is labeled correctly, and sorting them into crates to be sent to the branches and put on the shelves.  It was fun to try on a different hat for a week and get a look at all the new graphic novels and manga coming in to the system.
Besides actually getting to catalog and print out labels for GNs and manga I think my favorite part of my job exchange was telling Tech Services employees how much their hard work is appreciated.  Because these folks don’t get to work with the public like I do, they don’t get to see the end result like I do every day.  So many times I have seen teen patrons carrying teetering stacks of 20 or more volumes of manga.  Without Technical Services to catalog these volumes it would be impossible to put them on hold and be able to read an entire series in order.  I love getting crates of new books, putting them face out on display and coming back a couple hours later to find a lot of them already gone, picked up by patrons who are just as excited about shiny new books as I am.
To work in Technical Services you must have a lot of patience, be very detail-oriented, and not have a short attention span.  I already appreciated what this department does but after spending a week here I appreciate it even more, because I can see how meticulous and dedicated everyone here is.  Thanks for having me, Tech Services!


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