Kasumi When she transfers to an elite high school, Kasumi (who loves magic) is convinced that she’s going to wow her new classmates with her magic tricks, but when her efforts are mocked by the snobby class president and his fan club, Kasumi discovers that she has real magical powers! She can turn invisible when she holds her breath. This is one trick that Kasumi has to keep a secret, but can she do it when the whole school is watching her?

Kasumi is everything that I like about manga. It’s got an adorable, lovable magical girl main character, a dreamy and mysterious class president, and a geeky otaku best friend.  What I like about this manga in particular is that it’s more about how Kasumi goes about trying to make friends in a new high school and less about using her magical powers. Her magic comes in handy, like when the class mean girl tries to get Kasumi expelled, but they aren’t the focus of the story. Also, there’s a little bit of  romance and mystery thrown in for good measure, plus a lot of humor and heart.  (And you’ve gotta love the school uniforms!)

If you like magical girl manga, check out Kasumi.


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