CoverYggdrasil by Lay Mutsuki is about an online game of the same name. The game is an MMORPG (short for massively multi-player online role-playing game– like World of Warcraft.) The plot is two-fold and alternates between the real world and the world of the game, which may seem confusing but is actually really cool. 

In the real world, we have the story of the friendship between Ko Tachibana, a high-school boy with overbearing sisters, and Haruna Fujisaki, a hyper girl who is Ko’s best friend.  Ko spends a lot of his time playing Yggdrasil, and Haruna kind of looks out for him in the real world (by making sure that he doesn’t sleep through school).

In the game of Yggdrasil, the situation is reversed.  Ko looks after Haruna’s avatar, and helps her with quests. While Ko is helping Haruna and another player Aoi, they are attacked by extremely high level monsters in what appears to be a bug in the game. They are then rescued by a legendary player known as the Phantom.

As the story unfolds, the real world and the world of the game weave together to create a dramatic mystery in which all of the characters are ensnared.

We now have the first two volumes of Yggdrasil. Put a hold on them here.



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