One Piece: Romance Dawn

onepiece1 “One Piece vol. 1: Romance Dawn” is a manga full of driven, ambitious, larger-than-life characters. (It’s about pirates, okay, so you know you want to read it.) Volume 1 introduces Monkey B. Luffy, a boy who just wants to be a pirate, even though he doesn’t have much of a clue about how to go about doing this. Fortune must be smiling on him, however, because his haphazard approach to life and pirating still manages to net him a master swordsman and a crackerjack navigator for his crew.

Just to make things really fun, (1) Luffy can’t swim and (2) he has eaten the forbidden fruit from the Gum-Gum tree which makes his body stretchy like rubber. Whee!

Can’t find it on the shelf? Put a hold on One Piece vol. 1: Romance Dawn.


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