Spider-Man J: Japanese Knights

Spider-Man J

Originally seen in the bimonthly Spider-Man Family, the manga adventures of Japan’s Spider-Man are collected here for the first time.  Translated and westernized (the book reads left to right), Spider-Man J: Japanese Knights gives Spidey fans a different take on the superhero.

Under the mask he’s still Peter Parker, but he’s a kid living with a less-frail Aunt May and crushing on Jane-Marie.  The only one who knows his secret identity is Detective Flynn, a cop who serves as his sidekick.  Together they take on Lord Beastius – a crime lord who sends insect-themed minions after them. 

Through six chapters, Spider-Man J fights villains like General Wasperus and The Deadly Dragonfly.  He races against Elektra to recover a stolen ninja scroll.  He even uses his Spider Web Saw against a giant robot!

Put a hold on Spider-Man J: Japanese Knights.


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