Program Highlights: August 2015

Here are some highlights from PBCLS’s August calendar. As usual, check out more of our awesome programming in the Happenings.

Acreage Branch

Superhero Cinema & Craft
Mon, Aug 03, 2:30 pm
“The Avengers.” ©Walt Disney Pictures. (142 min.) Enjoy an out-of-this-world afternoon constructing a superhero craft while watching your favorite heroes save the planet. Preregister. PG-13

Board Game Day
Sat, Aug 08, 2:00 pm
Enjoy a relaxing afternoon playing a variety of classic and contemporary board games. All ages . (2 hr.) Preregister.

Comic Book Night: “Justice League” Edition
Thu, Aug 13, 7:00 pm
Comic book fans unite and chat about your favorite heroes and villains while enjoying pizza. This month, the group will focus on “Justice League.” (90 min.) Preregister.

Card Gamers Club
Wed, Aug 26, 7:00 pm
Yu-Gi-Oh!, Pokémon, Magic and more. If you like collectible card games, this is your place to be. Bring your deck, box, or binder and come with a friend or make a new one. All ages . (90 min.) Preregister.

Greenacres Branch

Folded Book Sculpture
Thu, Aug 27, 2:30 pm
Join craft enthusiast Robert Rosenthal and transform books into works of sculpture. Materials provided. Limit 15. (2 hr.) Preregister.

Hagen Ranch Road Branch

Writers’ Workshop
Wed, Aug 05, 4:00 pm
Sign up for this six session course facilitated by award-winning poet Stacie Kiner. Sessions are Wednesdays, 4:00 pm on Aug 05 & 19, Sep 16 & 30, and Oct 14 & 21. Limit 10. (90 min.) Preregister, beginning Mon, Jul 27.

Lantana Road Branch

Gamers Club
Sat, Aug 22, 2:30 pm
Love to play Xbox and Wii games? Play against others in friendly competition. If you have a favorite multiplayer game, bring it to play! Or if you prefer card games like Magic: The Gathering or Yuh-Gi-Oh!, bring your cards to play against others! We welcome RPG players as well. Ages 18 & up. (90 min.)

Otaku Club
Sat, Aug 22, 2:30 pm
Be proud to be an anime and manga fan! Join us for anime-related fun. Ages 18 & up. (90 min.)

Main Library

Nail Stamping 101
Sat, Aug 08, 2:00 pm
Want to rock amazingly artistic nails but don’t know how? Try nail stamping! Learn about this nail technique that lets you add designs, details, and drama to your favorite manicures. Please paint your nails prior to arriving to the program. All materials provided. (60 min.) Preregister.

Okeechobee Boulevard Branch

Writer’s Critique Workshop
Tue, Aug 04, 5:30 pm
Offer and accept constructive criticism and comments to improve your fiction, nonfiction and poetry in a supportive atmosphere led by library staff. (2 hr.)

Superhero Movie
Thu, Aug 13, 1:00 pm
“Captain America the First Avenger.” ©Walt Disney Pictures. (124 min.) PG-13

Royal Palm Beach Branch

Book Life Presents: Adult Coloring: Meditative Mandala
Wed, Aug 19, 2:15 pm
“Mandala” comes from the Sanskrit word meaning “circle”, and these intricate, circular designs are believed to represent perfection, wholeness and oneness, allowing us to mediate on the many circular relationships we experience in nature and life. Rediscover the creative and relaxing attributes of coloring while you meditate on and personalize your own individual mandala. Materials provided. Ages 16 & up. (60 min.)

Wellington Branch

Bookmark Bonanza
Tue, Aug 18, 6:30 pm
Have fun at this open-ended creative session with paper, mixed media, Mod Podge and more. Add to the fun by leaving one or more bookmarks somewhere in the library stacks for someone to find and use. (90 min.) Preregister.

West Boca Branch

Crafternoon: Paper Beads
Mon, Aug 17, 2:00 pm
Use recycled magazines to create colorful paper beads and then use the beads to make a unique bracelet. (60 min.) Preregister.

Fantasy Football Draft
Sun, Aug 30, 2:00 pm
Join us for the inaugural West Boca Branch NFL Fantasy Football League! Assemble the ultimate roster and get acquainted with fellow league members at our kick-off event. All skill levels welcome. Ages 16 & up. (2 hr.) Preregister, beginning Sat, Aug 01.

West Boynton Branch

Sherlock Holmes Mystery Club
Tue, Aug 11, 7:00 pm
The game’s afoot with facilitator Howard Schoen and other Sherlock fans for films and discussions of the renowned literary detective. (90 min.)

Crafternoon: Cards for Heroes
Thu, Aug 20, 2:00 pm
Create beautiful hand-crafted cards: one for you and one for a local hero serving our community. Materials provided. (60 min.) Preregister.

Drawn to Manga July 2015

Assassination Classroom volume two

Assassination Classroom, Vol. 2
By Matsui, Yusei
2015-02 – Viz Media

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Ever caught yourself screaming, “I could just kill that teacher”? What would it take to justify such antisocial behavior and weeks of detention? Especially if he’s the best teacher you’ve ever had? Giving you an “F” on a quiz? Mispronouncing your name during roll call…again? How about blowing up the moon and threatening to do the same to Mother Earth–unless you take him out first? Plus a reward of a cool 100 million from the Ministry of Defense Okay, now that you’re committed… How are you going to pull this off? What does your pathetic class of misfits have at their disposal to combat Teach’s alien technology, bizarre powers and…tentacles?
A sexy new teacher comes to Class 3-E to do the students’ job for them. When the 3-E students begin exhibiting signs of self-esteem, Principal Asano demands that Koro Sensei crush their spirits so they continue to set a bad example for the rest of the school to rise above. Then a class field trip goes terribly wrong when two 3-E girls are abducted. Who will come to their rescue…?

Check our catalog for more Assassination Classroom!


Nura: Rise of the Yokai Clan volume 25

Nura: Rise of the Yokai Clan, Volume 25
By Shiibashi, Hiroshi
2015-02 – Viz Media

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While the day belongs to humans, the night belongs to yokai, supernatural creatures that thrive on human fear. Caught between these worlds is Rikuo Nura. He’s three-quarters human, but his grandfather is none other than Nurarihyon, the supreme commander of the Nura clan, a powerful yokai consortium. So, Rikuo is an ordinary teenager three quarters of the time, until his yokai blood awakens. Then Rikuo transforms into the future leader of the Nura clan, leading a hundred demons.
Rikuo arrives at the palace where Seimei awaits as the battle reaches its climax When Rikuo, Seimei and Hagoromo-Gitsune engage in a three-sided struggle, will two of the longtime adversaries join forces to defeat the third? In this exciting final volume, the story of three generations of yokai yakuza comes full circle.

Check our catalog for more Nura.


Monster volume three

Monster, Vol. 3: The Perfect Edition
By Urasawa, Naoki
2015-01 – Viz Media

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Johan is a cold and calculating killer with a mysterious past, and brilliant Dr. Kenzo Tenma is the only one who can stop him Conspiracy and serial murder open the door to a compelling, intricately woven plot in this masterwork of suspense.
Could Johan have a dual personality, like Jekyll and Hyde? Tenma calls on Dr. Gillen, an authority on criminal psychology, to psychoanalyze Johan. But Dr. Gillen secretly concludes that it is not Johan but Tenma who has committed all the serial murders. Dr. Gillen then tries to lure Tenma into various traps, intending to use him in his own experiments.
Karl, a student at Munich University, visits a blind billionaire every week to read books to him as a way to pay for school. One day he encounters another young man named Johan who once did the same job for the billionaire. From that point on, strange events continue to befall Karl. Who is this young man named Johan? Is he the Johan that we know?

Check our catalog for more Monster.


Nisekoi: False Love volume seven

Nisekoi: False Love, Vol. 7
By Komi, Naoshi
2015-01 – Viz Media

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Love triangle Comedic antics Gang warfare? You won’t want to miss out on Shonen Jump’s laugh-out-loud feel-good manga series It’s hate at first sight when Raku Ichijo first meets Chitoge Kirisaki. But much to their chagrin, the two are forced into a false love relationship to keep the peace between their feuding gangster families.
It’s almost Christmas, but Chitoge’s not in a festive mood because her mother, Hana Kirisaki, is visiting Japan for the winter holidays. Chitoge introduces her false boyfriend to her workaholic mom, who then decides to test his mettle–by making him work as her secretary While laboring away, Raku can’t help but notice the strained relationship between Chitoge and her mother. Is there anything he can do?

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Cardfight!! Vanguard volume five

Cardfight!! Vanguard, Volume 5
By Itou, Akira
2015-02 – Vertical

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From the makers of the YuGiOh trading card game comes ‘Cardfight ‘. The teenage cast of ‘Cardfight ‘ play a high-fantasy themed card game – initially they play for kicks, but eventually the stakes grow much higher.

Check our catalog for more Cardfight!! Vanguard.


Top Ten Graphic Novels of May 2015

The top ten best-selling graphic novels of May 2015 were:

  11. Honorable Mention: SAGA TP VOL 02 came in at #11.

*published by Diamond Comic Distributors, Inc. Top 100 Graphic Novels: May 2015

Data for Diamond’s sales charts — which includes the monthly market shares and all top product charts — are compiled by Diamond Comic Distributors from sales made to thousands of comic book specialty shops located in North America and around the world.  Additional sales made to online merchants and other specialty retailers may be included as well.

Drawn to Comics July 2015

In honor of the critically acclaimed (srsly, it’s going to be good) Ant-Man movie set to debut July 17th (ZOMG, that’s TWO DAYS!), here are some NEW Ant-Man titles at PBCLS!

Ant-Man Prelude

Marvel’s Ant-Man Prelude
Pilgrim, Will
Illustrator Sepulveda, Miguel
2015-06 – Marvel Comics

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Get ready for Marvel’s next smash-hit film with this all-new official prequel Before Scott Lang becomes Marvel’s shrinking sensation, his predecessor, Dr. Hank Pym, will pull on the Ant-Man helmet and leap into action on a death-defying mission that will take him into the icy heart of Cold War East Berlin Then, thrill to an all-new Infinite-style adventure set in the Marvel Cinematic Universe as explosive new details in the history of the astonishing Ant-Man are revealed But can the lessons of his past prepare him for the trials he is about to face? Plus: Experience Scott Lang’s comic-book transformation into Ant-Man and the first chapter in his all-new adventures, and witness a dramatic change for the original Ant-Man, Hank Pym The action-packed buildup to Marvel’ Ant-Man begins here, so get on board now COLLECTING: Marvel ‘s Ant-Man Prelude 1-2, Ant-Man: Cinematic Infinite Comic 1, Marvel Premiere 47-48, Ant-Man (2015) 1, Age of Ultron 10AI



Marvel Universe Ant-Man
Text by (Art/Photo Books) Van Lente, Fred
2015-06 – Marvel Comics

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Big things come in small packages, and that’s definitely true of the astonishing Ant-Man Meet the tiny hero with a giant heart in this collection of all-ages adventures. He can shrink and talk to ants – now find out how he uses these awesome abilities to aid mankind Grab your magnifying glass and learn how the man in the anthill became a size-changing super hero in clashes with the menace of the microverse Psycho-Man and the beach that walks, Sandman But when the Ant-Man suit is stolen, Power Man and Iron Fist are hired to hunt it down. COLLECTING Marvel Adventures Super Heroes (2008) 6, 10; Marvel Universe Avengers Earth’s Mightiest Heroes (2012) 17; material from Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes (2010) 4, Super Heroes (2010) 19


Ant-Man Scott Lang

Ant-Man: Scott Lang
Text by (Art/Photo Books) Michelinie, David
2015-06 – Marvel Comics

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Meet 2015’s silver screen sensation in waiting -Scott Lang, the astonishing Ant-Man To save his daughter Cassie’s life, Scott is forced to return to a life of crime, stealing Hank Pym’s original costumed identity. But when his noble intentions win the Avengers’ approval, he takes over as the all-new Ant-Man, full-time Electronics whiz Scott secures a job with Tony Stark, but the size-changing super hero must save Iron Man after a brutal battle with the Hulk. No shrinking violet, Scott holds his own in astonishing adventures with Spider-Man, the Thing and the Avengers…nd when Ant-Man and Hawkeye join forces, somebody’ gonna get it COLLECTING Marvel Premiere 47-48; Iron Man (1968) 131-133, 151; Ave nger s (1963) 195-196, 223; Marvel Team-Up (1972) 103; Marvel Two -In-One (1974) 87; materi al from Ave nger s (1963) 181, Iron Man (1968) 125


Ant-Man Season One

Ant-Man, Season One
By DeFalco, Tom
Illustrator Domingues, Horacio
2012-07 – Marvel Comics Group

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Legendary writer Tom DeFalco (Amazing Spider-Man) and acclaimed artist Horacio Domingues (Fantastic Four: True Story) bring you the origins of the original Avenger, Ant-Man Hank Pym has had a life full of adventure and success, failure and humiliation Known by a variety of names like Ant Man, Giant-Man, Goliath and Yellow Jacket, he’s been an innovative scientist, a famed super-hero, an abusive spouse and more What demons drive a man like Hank Pym? How did he begin his career as a super-hero? ANT MAN SEASON tells the story of the man behind the myth and reveals the fears and paranoia that propelled him to greatest heights and the darkest depths.


Ant-Man Second Chance Man

Ant-Man, Volume 1: Second-Chance Man
By Spencer, Nick
Illustrators Rosanas, Ramon; Boyd, Jordan
2015-06 – Marvel Comics

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Scott Lang has never exactly been the world’s best super hero. Heck, most people don’t even think he’s been the best Ant-Man And the last guy invented Ultron and joined the Masters of Evil, so that’s saying something. But when the Superior Iron Man calls with a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, and an old enemy returns (sort of), Scott’s going to get a chance to turn it all around and be the hero he’s always dreamed of being. That’s right, Ant-Man’s starting a new life -a bold new adventure – and you know what that means It means he needs to borrow some money. Sure he’s been to prison Sure he’s been through a messy divorce Sure he’s been, um…dead. But this time is different This time nothing is gonna stop the astonishing Ant-Man Collecting: Ant-Man 1-5


NYT Top 10 Graphic Books Best Sellers

New York Times best sellers from 6/12. The titles link to books in the PBCLS catalog. Check ’em out!

1  BATMAN: THE KILLING JOKE, by Alan Moore and Brian Bolland. (DC Comics) This critically acclaimed story from 1988 offers a possible origin for the Joker.

2  CAN’T WE TALK ABOUT SOMETHING MORE PLEASANT?, by Roz Chast. (Bloomsbury) In this memoir, the cartoonist examines her parents from their early days as mother and father to their later years facing old age and poor health.

3 THE COMPLETE EIGHTBALL 1-18, by Daniel Clowes. (Fantagraphics Books) This collection features some of the author’s most popular stories, including “Ghost World” and “Art School Confidential,” and other material originally printed from 1989 to 1997.

THE SCULPTOR, by Scott McCloud. (First Second) A young artist in a creative and financial rut makes a pact with Death where he is granted incredible powers, but has only 200 days to use them before he dies.

5 NATHAN HALE’S HAZARDOUS TALES: THE UNDERGROUND ABDUCTOR, by Nathan Hale. (Abrams) Harriet Tubman’s escape from slavery is the latest subject to be covered in this nonfiction series. Other Nathan Hale books.

6 BATGIRL, VOL. 1, by Cameron Stewart, Brenden Fletcher and Babs Tarr. (DC Comics) Barbara Gordon moves to Burnside, but Gotham’s hippest neighborhood has problems of its own: like twin sister assassins, blackmailers and a Batgirl impostor. Other Batgirl books.

7 SECONDS, by Bryan Lee O’Malley. (Ballantine) A restaurant chef discovers how to go back and “fix” previous events in her life, but each change brings unintended, and potentially dangerous, consequences.

THE THRILLING ADVENTURES OF LOVELACE AND BABBAGE, by Sydney Padua. (Pantheon) This alternate history tale imagines a world where the mathematicians Charles Babbage and Ada Lovelace are able to build a mechanical, steam–powered computer in the 1840s.

HERE, by Richard McGuire. (Pantheon) This book imagines what might have happened, or will happen, in the physical space of a living room from the dawn of time to the distant future.

10 BONE, NO. 1 (TRIBUTE EDITION), by Jeff Smith. (Scholastic) The great Bone saga begins in this new edition — with bonus material — as Fone Bone, Phoney Bone and Smiley Bone meet new friends, and some scary monsters, outside of Boneville. The Bone series.

Florida SuperCon 2015

I went to Florida Supercon this year with my boyfriend and our friend who was attending a con for the FIRST. TIME. EVAAR!! :O She had a really great time meeting writers and artists and having her own art reviewed by Valiant.

We met the amazing Robbi Rodriguez (artist and co-creator of everyone’s favorite new character Spider-Gwen!) and I picked up some of his Spider-Gwen prints. They are absolutely gorgeous!

Here's a cruddy pic of me, my BF Nick, and Robbi Rodriguez at his booth.

Here’s a cruddy pic of me, my BF Nick, and Robbi Rodriguez at his booth.

Here's me making a face next to one of the prints from the fabulous Robbi Rodriguez.

Here’s me making a face next to one of the prints from the fabulous Robbi Rodriguez.

Frank Quietly (Jupiter’s Legacy, All-Star Superman, New X-Men, etc.)

Here we are with Frank Quitely. He's a lovely chap.

Here we are with Frank Quitely. He’s a lovely chap.

and Jon Romita Jr. (Kick-Ass, Avengers, Superman, etc.). We were ambushed by Hit-Girl, but it was totally worth it!

Here's Nick with John Romita Jr (I'm taking the pic).

Here’s Nick with Jon Romita Jr. (I’m taking the pic).

I love seeing everyone dress up for conventions. This year we were sith lords. :)

Beware our mastery of the Force.

Beware our mastery of the Force.

And just for good measure, I’ll share with you all a picture of me as Wonder Woman flying over Metropolis (probably).

Did you attend FSC? Share your pics and stories in the comments section!